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Everything that revolves around the salt pans of Trapani


History, nature, good food. All that you need

If you think of a perfect place to live, Trapani comes to mind. Here the need for modernity coexists with the culture of nature understood in all its forms: realistic splendours of all kinds, from the Caribbean-like beaches, to the wonderful pristine sea-beds, to the paths, passing through the caves, the woods and the cliffs, as well everything else.

Without forgetting the culture that in this province, a crossroads of the Mediterranean, has been enriched by Arab, Greek, Roman, Phoenician influences, with still vivid testimonies scattered almost everywhere. And then there is the cuisine which you have surely heard of ...

Saline di Nubia, Trapani -
Sometimes a photo expresses more than a thousand words

Visiting an area means wishing to admire it and appreciate its every detail. The city of Trapani, the capital, is the spontaneous cradle of Mediterranean history with churches, ancient buildings, museums, the islet of the Colombaia Castle and the Procession of the Mysteries, as well as its natural beauty. A stone's throw away is Erice, an ancient cobbled medieval village that looks out over the whole province from above, with its imposing castle and walls. In the background there are the Egadi Islands, pearls of the Mediterranean: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo: a dream for those who love the sea among enchanting beaches and boat excursions.

Erice vista su Monte Cofano

Custonaci with its prehistoric caves and the Mount Cofano Reserve, the renowned beaches of Baia Santa Margherita and San Vito Lo Capo, the historical-naturalistic jewel of Scopello and Castellammare del Golfo, probably the best-known photo of Sicily, are other practically obligatory stops , and are fundamental pieces of an incomparable puzzle.

scopello vista sulla tonnara

Within the province, Salemi, the first capital of Italy, and Calatafimi, seat of the important battle between Garibaldi and the Bourbons, mark fundamental moments in national history, with historical-artistic testimonies which are still tangible. How can we forget Marsala, where the Thousand landed, with all its incredible Phoenician remains on the island of Mozia? And Mazara del Vallo, with the Dancing Satyr that is talked about all over the world?

Mozia sito archeologico

Between varied history and culture, relaxation and sport (snorkelling, biking, climbing and diving) the point of contact between these territories is the excellent cuisine: the cheeses of the Belice Valley and the tuna products from Favignana, the cunzato (seasoned) bread from Scopello, the good couscous from Trapani, the roast prawns from Mazara del Vallo, the “caldo freddo” (hot and cold ice-cream dish) from San Vito lo Capo, the spincie (sweet fritters) from Custonaci or the cannolo from Dattilo and the good Marsala wine.

You will have understood that condensing all the contents is almost impossible.

Pane cunzatu
Saline di Nubia, Trapani -
This is a dream place. Take the opportunity to visit it and to take a trip to the Saline Culcasi salt pans.

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Panorami mozzafiato, natura dilagante, gli antichi mulini a vento, tour guidati ed eccellenti degustazioni: perché non approfittare delle visite alla Salina Culcasi?

Visit to the salt museum with a walk along the banks among the production pools of the Culcasi salt pans: degustazione e visita Trapani/Nubia

duration: 75 min

Visit to the salt museum with a walk along the banks among the production pools of the Culcasi salt pans

You will discover the ancient history of the salt pans, enjoying a direct experience together with our guides

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