Saline Culcasi


Bath salts

Bath salts, which are excellent for baths or foot baths, for detoxification and exfoliation or for a deep and relaxing cleansing, with essential oils and integral sea salt from the Culcasi salt pans.

Lavender bath salts 500g.

10,99 €

Rosewood bath salts 500g

12,50 €

Mint bath salts 500g.

11,50 €

Bath salts are a simple and useful solution to enrich the bathroom. They eliminate the tensions accumulated during the day, drain excess fluids and clean the skin deeply and therefore represent a beauty treatment and a natural remedy for various skin imperfections. Water and salt are powerful allies in fighting cellulite and water retention. Diluted in the tub water, in fact, the salt, according to the principle of osmosis, attracts the liquids retained in the tissues to the outside, which will then be eliminated through the venous and lymphatic circulation.

A nice bath with unrefined salt is a panacea for those suffering from swollen and heavy legs, a common problem that often becomes unbearable in the evening.

The unrefined bath salts, thanks to their high magnesium content, have the ability to reactivate blood circulation, relax muscles, relieving them of cramps and muscle stiffness, counteracting joint pain and eliminate heaviness in the legs, and are a valid remedy for rheumatism, stress and muscle and joint pain.

Fatigue and muscle tension are also common in people who practice fairly intense physical activity. For this reason, at least once a week, it is advisable to take a relaxing salt bath to eliminate toxins and relieve muscle and joint pain.

These beneficial salts are also useful in helping to purify the skin of waste and toxins due to poor nutrition, stress but also from external factors such as smog.

Bath salts are a valid solution for all blemishes related to skin inflammations such as atopic dermatitis, hives, psoriasis and irritations. In addition to having a calming action on the skin, they help rehydrate the hydrolipidic film.